Start Building Human-Centric Machine Learning Solutions Now With our New UC Berkeley Course

Rebaie Analytics Group has been leading in its research of AI + I combining artificial intelligence and social sciences. We are glad to announce our President Ali Rebaie's course at the University of California - UC Berkeley Global is now available online!


Picture of Ali Rebaie
Ali Rebaie
Ali Rebaie is the President of Rebaie Analytics Group and a data anthropologist studying the impact of AI on business and life.

With the increasing advancement of AI and ML technologies comes the understanding that our current relationship with AI is deeply shaped by our society’s historical experience with technology. In this course, AI engineers and enthusiasts will gain the skills to design human-centered AI experiences using human-focused science. Learn how to deploy techniques from social science to tackle cognitive gaps and fallacies when building effective computing platforms. Through case studies, practical tips and design anthropology exercises, you observe how anthropology and ML can add a new dimension to AI.

If you want to become shrewd amid all the disruptions surrounds us now from supply chain challenges to a pandemic, you will need to understand the role of algorithmic based system, that replaced equation-based systems, in looking into complex real world problems and chaos theory and how can you prepare the right culture in your business to become successful in this era.

As a course that takes a human-centric approach, having your valuable thoughts would sparkle interesting discussions around this evolving topic. Let’s start the discussion!

This course is part of an expert seminar series joined by leading experts in Silicon Valley which you can register along with the course at a discounted rate:

– Alexander Iliev, Ph.D., Lead Instructor at UC Berkeley Extension, Professor and Academic Head at SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences.

– Nashlie Sephus, Ph.D., Tech Evangelist at Amazon Web Services (AWS) AI & Founder of

– Michael Wu PhD, Chief AI Strategist at PROS.

– Ali Rebaie, President, Data Anthropologist at Rebaie Analytics Group. 

You can find the course details and registration info here.

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