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Recognition is what 

makes us unique as


Pattern Recognition is what makes us unique as humans and patterns do exist everywhere such as musical patterns (e.g., variations on a theme), behavioral patterns, cyclical patterns (e.g., seasons, weather, water, and life cycles), historical patterns (history “repeating itself”), pandemics etc…At Rebaie Analytics Group, we believe that our unique value proposition is that we are masters of patterns, we integrate diverse kinds of knowledge, and who are skilled in reducing it to simple, universal patterns. 

“ We are not just strategy consultants! . “

We are an interdisciplinary team with creative technologists who build deep tech, but at the same time, help companies in “deep tech” mode, with an engineering and AI-heavy team to apply to real- world applications beyond technology labs as we are shielded from politics and daily business. Executives, business professionals, and data scientists from companies or startups can use our research and prototypes to understand how to apply algorithms to their business problems. 


Phase One

Design Anthropology


Human-centered innovation at different scales – from the infrastructural level down to the individual experience. Anthropology-grounded research investigates people from different countries with different experiences, lifestyles and affinities. We present them visually to help our artists understand users’ behavioral patterns.


Phase Two


Our creative technologists and data scientists sit next to our designers, semioticians, systems thinkers, and anthropologists. Our internal work process allows our team to provide rapid prototyping services, which can often be too complicated in larger enterprises. 

Phase Three

Digital Simulations 

Digital simulations for our human-centric projects. With our German roots and partners, we also build digital twins for aviation, energy and automotive industries. Marketing.

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Phase Four

Human Sensemaking Digital Layer 

Sometimes, an AI prototype might be super accurate in a lab but fails in real life. We build tools to collect user experience supported by the AI prototypes and Digital simulations/UX, thus combining quantitative data with the “Why” of human experience. 

Phase Five

Venture Builder 

Not an innovation hub or hackathon, a Prototype & Venture Builder who promise not to deliver any end product without understanding consumer behavior and promoting cultural change.

Phase Six

Match Maker 

Creating collaborations across all industries to establish new interdisciplinary market strategies and products.