Understanding The Evolution of Human Behaviour

While AI is able to detect patterns in data points collected at a large scale, anthropology excels at understanding the “why” of human behavior. We study how human experience and behavior with technology has been evolving since the stone age towards the disruptive age we live in.

With this unique approach, we are able to help your company’s culture to understand the evolution of customer behavior & experience.

Business Strategies Powered By Analytics + Simulations

Social interactions are changing, supply chain issues, potential discrimination from contact tracing, and Bias from AI. Businesses executives are hearing about the new normal and the most quotidian issue raised in “uncertainty”.

Our business strategy service is based on cutting edge techniques combining design anthropology with mathematical business simulations and systems thinking along with machine learning.

As cultural translators, let's help you build human-centered products

Tell us you Industry and Challenge. We handle the rest!

AI & I

Cultural evolution provides, together with AI a sophisticated view of human behavior. In this podcast and vlog, we look into our relationship with AI especially after dramatic shifts like Covid-19.

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