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You Can Define Us By This Equation: AI + I (Human Science) = X (Fast Forwarding Human Evolution)

With our founders and executives career history stemming back to the origins of the data management and data warehousing business, we have witnessed the growth of the AI market since the 1980s.

The current global challenges got us thinking about creating a new catalyst. Rebaie Analytics Group was born to become agile enough to help companies respond resiliently in the new age.

Rebaie Analytics Group is a Research & Management Consulting firm that researches and consults on the harmony of Anthropology and Artificial Intelligence that govern changes in business, human affairs, economy and culture. In times of uncertainty, it helps data natives, governments, and business executives to draw power from these universal patterns to build the next generation of AI experiences.

Are you ready to evolve your company's culture?

We have been researching cultural evolution for a while now and we believe that cultural evolution provides, together with AI a sophisticated view of human behavior. In a nutshell, cultural evolution explains how humans innovate and thrive in a world too complicated for any of us to understand.

Rebaie Analytics Group helps organizations prepare for a post-climate change, post-pandemic, and sustainable world which puts pressure on organizations to better understand human behaviour, cooperation, innovation, experience, and cultural evolution.

It is also intriguing to see statements from leading companies like Intel who wants to evolve their very own cultures: ‘Our Cultural Evolution’ A Big Focus In 2020. evolution of the company’s culture, CEO Bob Swan.

Multidisciplinary Team

We are often asked about Artificial General intelligence and whether the efficiency gain through automation could potentially eliminate the requirement for people to work for survival and subsistence.

To help understand this transformation, we work as cultural translators at the intersection of disciplines like data science, social science, economics, architecture, systems thinking and much more.