I saw Facebook’s newly released Ray-Ban Glasses a Couple of years ago!

Will we adopt Facebook's new Ray-Ban Stories? Are Tech Companies adopting Bauhaus Design Philosophy, thus, deceiving us and breaching our privacy?


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Ali Rebaie
Ali Rebaie is the President of Rebaie Analytics Group and a data anthropologist studying the impact of AI on business and life.

When was the first time I saw Facebook’s new smart glasses “Ray-Ban Stories”? A couple of minutes ago? Ha…No, a couple of years ago, and specifically in Leipziger Pl. 9, Berlin, Germany at the Spy’s museum! In the latter glasses, a tiny digital video camera is integrated into the traditional spy glasses and videos saved into an accompanying recorder. In Facebook’s glasses, it is stored in your smart phones though…

Two main talking points about this product:

Privacy and Adoption:

  • Privacy?

Obviously in AI, I do believe that German’s Bauhaus Design Philosophy ” Form Follows Function” does not apply to AI. Even if the LED indicator light flickers on when the Facebook’s glasses are recording, notifying people that they are being photographed or filmed, different types of biases, uncertainties and discriminations will come into surface from the usage of the product.

  • Adoption? In a world of deepfakes, we might not be surprised to see a shift in human behaviour that is very similar to the peri-personal space behaviour our ancestors had in the stone age while they experienced stone age technologies. Indeed, we might wear these smart glasses to record interactions with our surroundings so that it protect us from baseless allegations in future automated cities. It also comes with the cool Ray-Ban brand 😉

I speak more about these concepts in my newly released UC Berkeley Extension course here.

I am happy to know your thoughts/comments?

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