Data-Driven Innovation - Rebaie Analytics Group
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Data-Driven Innovation

Experience Artists

expartistsWhile artists give shape to their lived experience by bringing it back to surface through products of arts. Businesses are “Experience artists” who involve in giving shape to their customer’s lived experience by bringing it back to surface transformed through personalized products.

We work closely with fashion, media, brands and entertainment industries to help them use Big Data and Internet of Things to build emotional and meaningful experiences for their customers. One of the experiences that we appreciate is what Disney Land designed through their magic band.

Customer Experience in the Data Age

Humans are masters of flexibility and resilience since the stone age. At Rebaie Group, we are data science anthropologists who study human behavior and culture to help you innovate, embrace change, and adopt disruptive emerging technologies. Traditional marketing methods are not relevant alone in the data age, that’s why we understand customer’s pico-moments across all devices in their lives.

Understanding how your customers experience your products. Who are the influencers? Understanding real human needs.

Data Innovation for Startups

For a company founded by a person who was born a data scientist sharing his curiosity around things around him, then studying Business Intelligence at school. We remember that days when using data to make better decisions was monopolised by giants who can pay huge bucks for a BI software. Thanks to Big Data, the disruption in the field made it possible for anyone in all domains to use data to improve lives, thrive companies, build smart cities, and flourish economies.

As we move forward with digital transformation, startups are building innovations across distinct domains while facing challenges in utilizing data science or building a data-driven culture to build smart apps.

We have been helping technology giants and organizations in their big data journey while keeping an eye on the startups that are core in this digital economy. That being said, we help startups become data-driven through:

Building Smart Data-Driven Apps based on the microservices architecture:

Helping Startups in deploying and architecting Big Data analytics microservices.

Microservices usually takes the the form of analytics—especially machine learning, deep learning and natural-language processing—that leverage the rich pallet of sensors on every Internet of Things endpoint.

We will help you build the layers of decision surfaces from the far edge of sensors up (fog/edge) and into the cloud. At every layer, differing data management and analytics processes and goals will continue to evolve based on real business needs.

Whether you are working on the transformation of digital customer experience or predicting the next fashion trends, building smart cities, or bringing precision agriculture, you can now build smart apps.

Mentoring & Consulting:

Access to our industry analysts and experts for mentoring through phones calls or onsite visits to help understanding the big data landscape.

Building a data-driven startup spirit:

We have trained more than 4000 people over the past 4 years on data ranging from public to private companies across different sectors. We help train all your teams on data.