Coaching for Startups - Rebaie Analytics Group
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Coaching for Startups

According to the VC, Matt Turk, “Data network effects occur when your product, generally powered by machine learning, becomes smarter as it gets more data from your users. Data network effects require at least some level of automated productization of the learning. Data network effects typically don’t “just happen”.  To start with, they require a commitment from the startup to be fundamentally a data company, with a stated goal to build data feedback loops into the product, first manually, then automatically.  This involves building the right type of data infrastructure (using modern Big Data platforms and tools) and data team (data engineers, data scientists, etc).”

We coach startups by helping them:


  • Setting the data acquisition strategy.
  • Building the data team and infrastructure.
  • Become a data-driven company
  • Helping us to translate your company vision into outstanding data-driven products.
  • Attracting, growing & inspiring your data experts.