AI Research & Innovation Lab - Rebaie Analytics Group
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We build the next generation of 

AI experiences.

Our Research & Innovation Labs

With Big Data and AI technologies moving fast, disrupting business models, killing jobs, and the fear of AI robo-advisers replacing the role of human advisors. It is indeed challenging for business executives & governments to lead in this disruptive age and draw power from universal data patterns, identify what is possible and what is not, what to invest in and when.
Rebaie Analytics Group introduced its innovation labs which combine both Human Science (because not all answers are in the data) and Machine Learning to ‘research’ the algorithmic market, search for gaps and opportunities in startups’ data-driven offerings, and develop prototypes. The research algorithms and prototypes help executives struggling to define investments in AI thrive their digital transformation and innovation efforts.

What We Deliver

Research Reports

From AI/Machine Learning Technical Jargon To Business Case: We help executives extract value from Machine Learning and putting it into business practice by studying current academic research papers and startup innovations and delivering a research and prototype that diminish the investment risk and help in exploring the vast array of innovation in the domain.


Building AI Algorithms To Solve specific business problems: Our data scientists develop algorithms to solve a specific business problem and provide it through a prototype for an industry or business to implement.

DataPhenomenology™ Practice

Humans are masters of flexibility and resilience since the stone age. At Rebaie Group, we are data science anthropologists who study human behavior and culture to help you innovate, embrace change, and adopt disruptive emerging technologies. In this practice, we study anthropological methods in a data-driven way to deliver innovative use cases for data.

Secure Data Acquisition Platform

Our Innovations Lab is engineered to facilitate a secure GDPR compliant privacy-by-design experimental environment for Big Data processing, translation, analysis, and business ideation. We believe that the adoption of ‘data’ as the foundation of the business ideation process significantly lowers the risks associated with business innovation activities (Problem-Solution Fit, Product-Market Fit, UX, Etc.), and ultimately deliver a Unique Value Proposition that will in turn enable the incumbents to create, deliver and capture more pertinent value. In this service, we build our research report and prototype on your data so that you’ll have an agile, secure and faster implementation for your business cases.

This Is How We’ll Unlock AI Value